R. B. Pepper – President
Yava Technologies

Marty Howe has worked for our present and previous firm (Pepper-Weberg Trading) producing digitized slide presentations for a number of projects including a high profile Billion dollar theme park that involved a number of the elite entertainment designers of Hollywood including Jack McDaniel. Jack produced more than a dozen movies for the major networks and held the No. 2 position overseeing the design and development of Universal Studios theme park in Florida. Jack and everyone on the team felt that Marty’s work was the equal of anything being done in Hollywood. We loved the way he took the latest computer graphics technology and pushed it to the edge and beyond. Marty has created high quality presentations for key meetings we held with leading investment firms in New York, Toronto, London, and other locations around the world. At each meeting we were always told the presentation was the best they had ever seen.

Marty’s creativity, strong work ethic and dependability have made him an indispensable part of our team when it comes to creating high quality presentation materials.

Don McCarthy
Good Manors Construction – Victoria, BC

Testim_GoodManI would like to thank Marty for creating our Web site. We wanted the design to be simple to use and to the point, focusing on our Portfolio section. Marty achieved that for us. My clients find it very useful and are impressed.

We plan on using Marty for future projects and are happy to recommend him to any business desiring to look a cut above their competition.

Garry Foster – President
Enlightened Communications – Victoria, BC

EnCommTestWe had a very specific branding image we wanted to convey with our home page header and design. Marty captured it perfectly in the first version he sent. Throughout the web design process, his creativity added tremendously to the site and to our corporate positioning of Enlightened Communications. Would I recommend Circle Digital? You bet!


Matthew Reifslager
World Pavilions Resorts

Pav_TestimWorking with Marty Howe is a pleasure. He brings enthusiasm, vision, and artistic clarity to each project he has assisted us in. Regardless of the direction we ask Marty to take in the work he has done for us–websites, DVD’s, slideshows, presentations–he aids us by his intuitive grasp of graphic design and dedication to understanding our company values. He has always been accommodating to our requests, and he has proven to be a valuable asset to our team.


Laditude Duo – Promo DVD

LaditudeTestimMarty Howe is extremely focused, detail-oriented and adept with many technologies. We found him great to work with, easy going, and very enthusiastic. His thought processes are coherent and clear and his creativity seems endless. All in all, we we’re delighted with the promotional DVD that he created for us. Marty Howe is a consummate professional and we highly recommend him.


Margo Lenmark
Lenmark Properties

LenMark_TestimI have had Marty do several projects for me including my website. I continue to be impressed with his professional and technological skills as well as his personal interest in each project. Marty is a perfectionist and takes great pride in doing the job to your exact specifications. His enthusiasm is unparalleled in business and he works extremely efficiently. He’s a pleasure to work with!


Mac Gayden forZenphonic, Mac Gayden, Oceana Gayden

Gayden_TestimMarty Howe at Circle Digital, took our ideas (every detail we asked for) and made our websites great looking, easy to use, interesting and unique. We have had so many compliments on them! We appreciate not only his technical magic, but his artistic touch. People keep coming back to our sites. We would never use anyone else for our work!

Mac Gayden