1 Day "Wild Voice Extravaganza" Victoria!

Date: December 4th, 9am-10-pm, Victoria

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6 Day Events - "Your Voice is the Messenger of Your Soul"

Date: March 19-26, 2011, Tofino BC
Date: May 8-16, 2011, Tofino BC
Date: June 11-18, 2011, Gateway 2 Ranch, Merritt BC, (A week with Liz Mittens Ryan’s Wild Horse Herd)


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Edwin Coppard presents...
WILD VOICE Extravaganza, a one day Vocal WORKSHOP:
- In VICTORIA! - Dec 4th, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM $100 +tax


It’s not about being PERFECT, it’s about being your self!


"The Wild Voice Extravaganza" seminar, is an experiential learning event! The Wild Voice Extravaganza is all about music! It’s about being transformed by the music! It’s about your voice, your songs, your music and how to bring it out! It’s about witnessing the magic and profundity of everyone’s songs! It’s about the magnificent sounds we can make together! It’s about the transformations we go through to find our music! It’s about outrageous fun!

Music directly impacts the cellular emotional intelligence of your body creating transformation from the inside out - powerfully and gracefully. There are feelings deep inside us all that have never been expressed, and when they are expressed they give so much surprising vitality, so much renewed energy, and a sense of freedom.

Come to the Wild Voice Extravaganza!

It's so fulfilling. Making sound with large groups of people is like a bath of energy that you can dip into. This experience will change your whole outlook on life!

”You will not believe the rush when your voice comes out, Edwin is a Master at bringing people together with singing” - Tony Robbins, mega international motivational speaker


”In all of my teaching career I have never seen anyone draw out a person's natural singing as quickly or as easily as Mr. Coppard” - Grant Fuergutz, Bachelor of Music, Master of Education



- Awareness of the power of your voice
- Improved confidence in public speaking
- More energy and focus
- Improvement in your singing voice and song writing
- Deeper and more effective communication



9am-12pm - Start the day with a Wild Voice & Body workout
12pm-1pm - Lunch
1pm-5.30pm - Explore the inner world of your soul, through the Archetypes. From this unique process comes the magic of song writing
5.30pm-6.30pm - Dinner
6.30pm-10pm - We end the day with a final jam where participants share their songs

To Regisiter for 1 Day Events:

For Victoria: contact Arlaine Johansen at +1 250-655-3060, or email: arlaine@realpeoplemusic.com
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Come to our 6 Day Events - "Your Voice is the Messenger of Your Soul" - 6 Exclusive Days


This course is a life changing experience!  You will learn how to effortlessly open up your natural voice. Every day you will experience your voice in new and surprising ways.     Every day, you will explore and discover new things about yourself. You will learn to write songs the natural way. You will be astounded by our profound living archetype model, which you can use as a tool for the rest of your life.  You will find yourself writing many songs.  You will find yourself sharing these precious songs in the evening celebrations. You will be witness to the daily transformations of people like yourself as they free their creative spirit with the sound and the music. You will find yourself jamming and having the time of your life!


Dates 2011:

Date: March 19-26, 2011, Tofino BC
Date: May 8-16, 2011, Tofino BC
Date: June 11-18, 2011, Gateway 2 Ranch, Merritt BC, (A week with Liz Mittens Ryan’s Wild Horse Herd)


Standard Cost:

Regular rates for all six day events are: $5000 + Canadian HST Tax (12%)
A limited time offer:

$1000 discount if you register with a 50% deposit in November 2010.
That’s $4000 + Tax each for all 2011 six day events during November.
* Course dates are changeable for a fee.


Extra Services:

Private cabin with a Jacuzzi on the ocean

Songs and Stories book/CD series: If you want to continue your personal growth with this work, there will opportunities to record your songs and have personal or group sessions with Edwin.

Colours with Cheryl, please inquire.  Cost: $250. +12% HST TAX.
There must be at least 2 people who want to do it.

You can choose to book an extra day or two:
Rest and integrate, Enjoy the local Tofino activities:  whales, fishing, surfing, hot springs, dining... 

Book a personal archetype session with Cheryl.  Cost $250. +12% HST TAX.


To Regisiter for "Your Voice is the Messenger of Your Soul":

See our Events Registration Page
Call Arlaine Johansen at +1 250-655-3060
Email: arlaine@realpeoplemusic.com


Real People Music and Sovereign Singing


Real People Music is a new way of making music together. We are creating a forum where people can share who they really are through their own songs. All the songs and music come from the unique and simple processes taught in our seminars. We call this process ‘Sovereign Singing’


This is music that comes from within, not from the outside trying to fit in. This is music that creates real connections between people, connections that are based on acceptance, trust and appreciation of the beauty in everyone. You can share your songs live in person at our events, or through audio and video recording on our website.


Real People Music is about finding your own voice and about creating the music that shows who we really are. It’s about getting your juice going! This is not only for singers and musicians – it’s for EVERYONE! Sing like an angel and gain confidence in your speaking voice. Edwin can get anyone to sing and you will benefit beyond your wildest expectations by waking your voice!


Why Sing


Did you know there are sounds we make when we sing that we cannot make when we speak? These sounds resonate and communicate at a profoundly deep level. We are all born with a natural beautiful voice, but for most of us, our Real Voice got lost during the domestication process we call life. We are born with the need to express ourselves and be heard! Is your voice suppressed?


Born to be free, born to sing


We were born to sing! Even newborn babies can produce very loud sounds for very long periods without straining or losing their voice. Their secret is using their whole body as a resonator. We lose this instinctual ability as we grow up, yet it is the foundation of a powerful singing voice.


In Search Of Your Song


Out of your natural voice come songs that are untainted by commercial expectation. They are storytelling in its simplest and most potent form. They are compelling, powerful, and full of beauty and poetry.